Run On Mobiles Or Get Run Over-Mobiles

Run On Mobiles Or Get Run Over-Mobiles As The Latest Business Platforms

Press a button, download an app, visit our site, all these phrases and terms are extremely common in present day transactions. Mobiles, those tiny devices peeking from our pockets have emerged as the determining players of modern economy. The services available in mobiles these days have enabled them to be able to carry out just about any task at lightning fast speeds.

With the advent of smart phones, mobile marketing has assumed epic proportions. The latest Mobility report of Ericsson states that by 2020, there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users on the planet! This kind of a huge 24/7 market which ensures quick and complete communication as well as prompt action needs to be given the highest priority for businesses to flourish. Added to that is the fact that mobiles as a device are much more enabled for a variety of business needs than other mediums.

In contrast to a popular view that consumers use smartphones just for search purposes, it has been noted that purchasing habit of consumers via smartphones and other such devices are increasing manifold. Added to that is the push provided by e-commerce companies to coax consumers into downloading specific apps, and we have a colossal virtual marketplace which fits in our palms. By 2019, with nearly 3.9 billion global internet users and 24 billion networked devices, entrepreneurs can themselves imagine the scope of an efficiently running mobile business network.

The modern man is fickle minded and often keels to spontaneous purchase decisions. This syndrome has been aggravated all the more with the advent of smartphones as offers and deals are immediately acted upon by consumers. Furthermore, business expenses on generating call-to-actions are reduced drastically, and the response time of consumers is highly reduced.

Another important factor is the easy way of dialogue that is ensured via mobile communication. Consumer feedback is of essential importance for the growth and sustainability of any business or enterprise, and mobiles have greatly eased the process of gathering information. Forums, social media pages as well as community messaging apps such as WhatsApp have given a platform for consumers to express their views, apart from providing entrepreneurs with valuable feedback.

In comparison, the efforts involved are very less. Essential requirements include a perfectly functioning responsive website which runs well. Ensuring your e-mail marketing efforts are mobile friendly creating local listings are some of the other steps that need to be taken for a good mobile responsive site.

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